Tell Me Another is a biweekly interview show. Josh Jordan hosts the show along with a handful of entertaining co-hosts. In each episode we interview a different kind of storyteller, from comedians to fiction authors to storytelling game designers to preachers, and more.



Josh Jordan is an English teacher, preacher, small press publisher, and storytelling game designer. You can find his games at Ginger Goat.

PK Sullivan

PK Sullivan is a writer and RPG freelancer. He has worked on products such as the Firefly RPG.


Ryan McSwain

Ryan McSwain lives in Amarillo, Texas, with his wife and two children. Ryan spends his days caring for his children, writing, and looking for that next novel, comic book, TV show, film, or album that will give him the brain tingles. It is unlikely he is standing behind you this very instant, but you should turn around just to check.

His new novel is now available! You can keep up with Ryan and his work by visiting ryanmcswain.com or following @ryanmcswain on Twitter.


Stephanie Bryant is a technical writer, knitter, and gamer from Las Vegas, Nevada. She started playing Dungeons & Dragons when she was 4 and has been GMing since she was a teenager. She’s written numerous computer books, including Videoblogging for Dummies, and wrote and published Handknit Heroes, a comic book for knitters. Her most recent project is learning to write games and game systems. She blogs about her life at Mortaine’s Blog.


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