Episode 9 Jackie Kashian


My guest on this episode is standup comedian Jackie Kashian. You can find her at jackiekashian.com or find her podcast The Dork Forest here.


Episode 8 Jared Axelrod Part 2


In this episode, PK and I interview fiction writer, comic writer, and journalist, Jared Axelrod.

You can find him at jaredaxelrod.com


Episode 8 Jared Axelrod Part 1


In this episode, PK and I interview fiction writer, comic writer, and journalist, Jared Axelrod.

You can find him at jaredaxelrod.com


Episode 7 Odds Bodkin

Odds Bodkin 1


Odds Bodkin is a professional oral storyteller and musician in the bardic tradition. You can find him at oddsbodkin.net. I had a lot of fun interviewing Odds. I encourage you to check out one of his storytelling workshops if you get the chance.

Episode 6 JR Blackwell



JR Blackwell is a photographer, journalist, game designer, and writer. You can find her at jrblackwell.com. I’ve been a fan of JR for a few years now. She did the photography for my book, Heroine. She is also planning to do photography for Shoshana Kessock’s Dangers Untold, a book I’m currently Kickstarting here.

You can find the story JR reads at the end of this episode, “Acceptance,” here on her site.

We are currently Kickstarting Shoshana Kessock’s Dangers Untold. I’m editing the book and JR plans to shoot photography for it. You can find out more and  back the Kickstarter here.

Episode 5 Harry Connolly

Harry Connolly Author Photo Websize


Harry Connolly is an urban fantasy and fantasy novelist. You can find him at harryjconnolly.com. I have read and I recommend all the Twenty Palaces novels as well as King Khan. I also enjoy Harry’s blog.

Dangers Untold


I’m proud to announce that Shoshana Kessock’s Dangers Untold is now live on Kickstarter. My publishing company, Ginger Goat, hopes to publish this game in July. Please join us in creating this book by funding the project now. JR Blackwell’s photography is shaping up to be an even bigger and better spectacle than her work in Heroine, which is high praise coming from me.

Likewise, Daniel Solis is going to do a great job with layout. Ginger Goat is proud to be able to team up with such talented folks and to present a game about a heroic girl in a strange land.

Expect announcements about some exciting stretch goals in the days to come.

Podcast Feed

Thank you to those of you who have pointed out that the RSS feed link at the bottom of the page is actually a link to the feed for this blog.

If you want the podcast feed, you can find it here. I will also try to put it in a more obvious spot on the site. Sorry for the confusion.


Josh Jordan

Episode 4 Minister Faust

Minister Faust


Here is Episode 4 of  our podcast about all kinds of stories and the people who tell them. Our guest is Minister Faust, science fiction novelist, former literature teacher, and former Canadian radio and television host.

You can find Minister Faust here.

Minister also mentions some other speculative fiction authors. The first four are Canadian.

Thank You

Thank you to all of you who have written to me about the show. It means a lot to hear that people are enjoying the interviews. We have recorded several more already, so I can take a little vacation in February to spend time with my newborn daughter! She is due on the 11th, so please keep us in your thoughts and prayers.

You can reach me at josh@tellmeanother.net. I’m always excited to hear from listeners. This is also a good address to use if you are interested in being a guest on the show. We’re looking for more storytellers, including directors, screenwriters, preachers, cartoonists, and pretty much anything else you can think of.